SKY Gas & Power’s contribution to the dissemination of a new concept of sustainability (electric mobility) comes from the availability of charging stations.

For this reason, SKY Gas & Power promotes to its business customers, and in particular to restaurants, hotels, outlets and shopping centres, the installation of electric car charging stations.

22 Kw universal double connector stations so as to be able to charge all electric cars on the market from all car manufacturers.

An indisputable advantage for the environment, but also for businesses. In addition to the positive effects in terms of image, with the increasing dissemination of electric cars. the presence of a charging station could represent a very important driver of choice for potential customers.

SKY Gas & Power, moreover, also proposes an electric car charging station offer for condominiums. An offer that will become increasingly important over time, given that the legislation, starting from 2020, envisages the presence of an electric recharging station in all newly built condominiums.

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